Virtual Rivers

Album: Caught in the Night


Hum, flash
I cant see your eyes
A glowing shape
Is calling for me
How will I find you
In this blue light.
Who’s inside
I’m inside

No sleep
No tender parts,
Days are draggin,
crooked smile and a ghost
of some words
Another time hunts me,
Pull me in

Shivers, I’ve got them shivers
The virtual rivers
Me, I’m alone inside
I feel fright

Reckless, the rain makes me helpless
Behind the slow gesture
I, I keep waking up
still the same

Time of
Scratches and waves
The noisy hands are calling for me
Blue fire’s burning
I’m just gonna wear my
Troubled mask
Ashy like

Night, dust
Or two gasps
The shiness keeps on calling
For my shut eyes
It burns a lot
Like if there was nothing left (just night)