Album: Caught in the Night


Look closely through my eyes
no senses inside
Bringing only sound
Shadows left behind
Don’t you know that part?

Who wanders by the night
Twilight keeps him up
Hope- it prays on time
I’m the one you haunt
Do we look alike?

Light, dim the light
I don’t wanna see no colours, stay blind
Light, dim the light
All the black stars are in flames and sorrow
They resemble us
Just us

Light, dim the light
Now my heart is beating louder than the fright
Light, dim the light
All my cloudy faces disappear now

When words are bound to fail
And demons by my side
I only have the time
Mysteries and blight

While everyone is deaf
Drown in no one’s land
We’re floating to the edge
Do you feel that grudge?
Can you leave me blind?

Light, dim the light…