Palm of your hand

Album: Caught in the Night


Sometimes when I see the light of day
It makes me feel a certain silent way
One where I trust you
One where I miss you

Maybe it’s the fear of losing faith / fear of being feared
Feeling like my hopes about to break
But, Somehow i choose you/this
Somehow i need you/this

You could throw me to the wolves, yeh
You could push me out to sea without a line
Take the breath right outta my mouth
Did I drink your wine

Pulling at my strings i’ve lost control
Feeling like you’re breathing in my soul
Do I really want to dance
With the de-vil

Take me somewhere I cannot be found
Let me lose the sight of steady ground
Moth to a light
I’m Caught in the night

You’ve got me in the palm of your hand
Took my heart and turned it into sand
Moth to a light
I’m Caught in the night

If I only learned from my mistakes
Maybe I could loosen up these chains
Hate that I still need
Something that kills me

Shake away my fear of being feared
Try to guard my hopes back up with gates
All in the name of

Loving illusions